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Project Description
WoodGamesFX will be publish the first version of our the open source engine very soon. Engine is in development stage and some parts of code are not fully documented. WoodGamesFX prohibits the use of parts of code, distributed library and executables for insulting the religious, racial, ethnic and gender level, causing damage to other parts of the code or using the files that come with WoodGamesFX. Software code and supporting files can be used for educational, commercial and noncommercial purposes as long as meet the above-mentioned conditions. WoodGamesFX is not responsible for the use of codes by the above conditions.

To test the code, development and distribution, we suggest that you use SharpDevelop, or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. Because some parts of code are developed by these tools and their eventual errors using other tools probably will avoid following the above suggestion. WoodGamesFX not responsible for any damage using the content, code, dynamic library or executable files.

Engine is codenamed wg3dfx and work in an environment DirectX API, which means that it is adaptable to all versions of Windows (from version 2000 to Windows 7). Engine uses Truevision SDK 6.5, and to ensure the proper functioning of Truevision you'll need to download the SDK 6.5 and MTV3D65.dll set as a reference. For audio support wg3dfx used irrKlang same and you will need to download and install the same.

We hope that the information and content will benefit individuals or groups interested in creating computer games, simulations or other forms. We suggest you use this information for fun and learning.

WG3DFX is free under the above terms and conditions of licenses, but some of its components (TV3D SDK and irrKlang) belong to a different domain licensing. So be sure to check individual licenses.

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project home page.

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